The Representative Sample Preparation of Waste

Now that a certain environmental awareness has developed in the population over the past few years, our efforts are geared not only to avoiding waste, but also to reducing the mountains of waste which still arise by means of raw material recovery and the reintroduction of secondary raw materials into the industrial cycle.

 This is done, for example, by the separate collection of used paper, glass waste and metal waste. The yellow sack or yellow bin is also intended to help here.
We use waste products which cannot be used for recycling purposes partly for the generation of energy in a waste incineration process, and we dispose of organic residues on composting facilities to produce humus. However we wish to treat still unavoidable domestic, industrial or special waste in an appropriate way, a careful laboratory analysis of the waste residues will invariably be necessary.
Since the results of such laboratory examinations are often the basis for important operational and economic calculations and decisions, great importance must be attached to a reliable and appropriate sampling, with corresponding mechanical preparation processes. (...)